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Go Karting in Melbourne

Fun City has the best Go Karts in Melbourne for Adults & kids whether its a birthday party, friends time out, team building activity or a corporate event. Go karting is an great activity and at Fun City you can be rest assured that you will have a great time as our indoor Go Karts are very reliable and our Go Kart tracks are built in a very safe environment.

When you see people go karting in Melbourne, it appears to be easy and effortless. What you don't know is that precise, smooth go karting takes time, effort and practice. Sure, you can easily hop into the go kart and just roll around the track. But, what happens when you need to speed up, navigate a bend or brake well so your kart doesn't tumble?

One thing you should know is that when it comes to go karting, the fastest driver is generally the smoothest; not the guy hurtling down the tracks at the beginning of the laps or the guy who applies the most effort at the wheel. It’s the guy that has mastered the art of effortless go kart driving. Here are some tips to help you become a good go karts driver.

Unlike your normal cars, go karts have rear wheel brakes only. So, when you want to negotiate a turn, do so using as much of the entire track as you can,. That’s what the tracks are for and you should use it to your advantage. Trying to turn like you would a car will result in your go kart losing balance and skidding off the tracks.

Be Sure to Take advantage of the turns

The bends are usually the reason many go karts drivers lose. When turning a bend, be sure to brake early and then accelerate as soon as you clear the turn. Approaching the bend too fast will result in you breaking too late. By the time you recover, you would have lost momentum and speed.

Avoid Flooring The Accelerator Of Go Karts

While you might be tempted to floor the accelerator, it is often best to squeeze the accelerator. This often makes for better balance and control. Go Karting in Melbourne and everywhere else is fun and entirely enjoyable. It is also tasking and a little demanding. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your go karting experience.

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